Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need this eBook?

This guide shows you not only how to start a channel with potential, it also teaches you the key parts of the YouTube algorithm and the reason why channels blow up and how you can recreate their success. The guide is made to be easy to understand for beginners and explains how I became successful on YouTube. I will show you how to take channels from 0 – 100k subs with proper SEO, faster than usual. The guide is exactly what you need when you want to start a YouTube channel, don’t know what videos to make or promote it or how to grow a channel that is stagnating.

How long does it take to see results?

Depending on where you start from, 2 weeks to one month.

Can this guide become saturated

The guide includes multiple explained methods, none of these can be saturated. I update the content regularly.

How can I buy this?

Click on the right upper corner on "Get it here" to buy this product. If can't buy through the website, reach out to me.

E-Mail:, Discord: vince#7152 or on Skype: uranium

How long does it take to get the eBook?

As soon as you purchase you receive the eBook (PDF format).